Survey party fusion – CVP-base wants to be on the C one less hurdle for the new center party: abandon The CVP members will be able to imagine a party without a C – and a fusion partner, BDP to meet with it.Raphaela Birrer34 Kommentare34Jetzt he also has the support of his base: CVP-President Gerhard Pfister.Photo: Keystone

It is not an approximation anymore, it is now a hug: To the base of the BDP and those of the CVP majority in favour of a new party in the middle. CVP-President Gerhard Pfister has been informed in accordance with “a view” on Tuesday, his Federal house group, on the first results of an internal survey, the evaluation of which is available at the end of June.

According to information of this newspaper, 83 percent of the base keep the CVP with your existing name can be selected for, and 80 percent like the new design created by “CVP. The center”, the previous Label still contains. But 60 percent can also imagine the new word creation “The middle”. This shows that the members of the traditional CVP open for a further development of your party.

“Christian” is not selectable

the Latter would be the requirement to be able to with the BDP merge. The Basis of consents to the establishment of a joint center party, with around 60 per cent – but it makes a relevant party name to the condition (we reported). For the CVP this means to your C without.

A waiver that could be worth it for the ailing party, According to initial results of a yet unresolved external survey is precisely this Association with the Christian values for 80 per cent of the respondents from the General population a reason to not choose the party. A new Name would not allow, therefore, only the go together with the BDP, but also additional voters the potential to tap into.

Everything is harmonious in the middle? Not quite yet.

the two parties to the orientation of a new mid-power argue, is hardly to be expected: For the CVP-based civil-social values Central to the BDP, the Label citizens is important. The CVP advertises with the Slogan: “we keep Switzerland,” the BDP insists on their ability to Compromise.

Everything is harmonious in the middle? Not quite yet. In the CVP, critical voices remain in the strongholds, who fear the party’s identity, if the C is abandoned. To appease the opponents in the Valais and Central Switzerland, wants to Pfister, the cantons in the name of the question as much as possible autonomy. Precisely how this autonomy is to be designed, now is in the fusion sessions, which take place this week between the Federal members of Parliament of both parties. Over the summer, should clarify the legal issues and in the late autumn on the merger be voted on.

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