Survey banks – First SME Corona loans were already guaranteed to be back within the shortest of time by the Federal bridge loans. These were used by the company to date, however, is still less than half. 1 Kommentar1Eingeführt the Covid-19-bridging loans in the “Corona-Lockdown”: the Federal Council and Finance Minister Ueli Maurer were. Keystone/Alessandro della Valle

The Swiss SMEs have received in the corona of a crisis quickly and easily through the state-guaranteed bridging loans. As a survey among banks shows that have used the companies in the spoken credits of a total of 15 billion Swiss francs so far, less than half. First SMEs to pay back the loans already.

The stress of the issued Covid-19-loans by the company, all of the banks surveyed to quantify almost the opposite of the news Agency AWP, with values below 50 percent. Only the aargauische Kantonalbank (AKB), which quantifies the use of 60 percent. Was interviewed a number of banking institutions, which, measured in terms of the amount of credit awarded jointly significantly more than the half of the bridge loans.

number of loans declined slightly

the Covid-19-bridge loans 26 were Introduced. March in the middle of the “Corona-Lockdown”. Since then, the participating institutions have a total of 128’616 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) bridge loans in the amount of 15.2 billion francs, spoken of (as of Thursday), as the latest Figures from the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco) is to be taken.

The lion’s share, with 13.4 billion Swiss francs to the fully-federally guaranteed Covid-19 loans with a maximum amount of 500’000 Swiss francs. In addition, 1.8 billion Swiss francs it is “Covid-19-credit-Plus”applications, as they are secured only to 85 percent by the Federal government.

The big “rush” on the Corona-loans with thousands of credit applications per day at the end of March and in the first half of April is the end of may, it was partially in Switzerland, several hundred applications. In the past two days, the daily number of loan requests was now – after the deduction of the rejected applications – not for the first time declined slightly.

Precautionary duty

The bridge loans have been used by many companies as a precaution, reminding you of the Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB): Finally, it was at the time, “difficult to estimate, as Covid-19 with all the restrictions on individual industries and companies in the medium – or long-term influence,” points out a ZKB spokeswoman.

the largest cantonal Bank in Switzerland, which has awarded Covid-19 credits in the amount of approximately 729 million Swiss francs, would have been approximately 43 percent of the company for at least a portion of the credit used, according to the spokeswoman.

in Principle, it was not in the mind of the customer, to keep the loan over the entire term of the full stress, says a spokesman for the Bank UBS. In the case of these loans have been used by Corona-about 2.7 billion Swiss francs, a total of 48 per cent. “The customer should also have the flexibility to take the credit if need be, even before the time of pay back,” said a UBS spokesman.

First refunds

Restrained, it sounds about the competitor, Credit Suisse, the Corona has spoken to the loans of around 3 billion: The use of credits paid out is up to the customer, the Bank announced. Depth stresses observed in the Raiffeisen group, which has in turn awarded Covid-19-loans of approximately 1.9 billion Swiss francs: “a Total of 20 to 25 percent of the paid-out credit volume were used,” explains a spokeswoman.

In the case of the St. Galler Kantonalbank (SGKB) estimates to the use of the funds to 42 percent. Around a quarter of the spoken money had been dropped entirely, so a SGKB speaker. “The majority of the previously claimed credits, it was sought as a precautionary measure,” stressed he. “Apparently, the liquidity reserves are sufficient for many companies so far.”

Occasionally, one sees in the already repayments in the middle of the corona of crisis loan applications. In the case of the regional Bank Valiant, for example, have redeemed more than 2700 loans 25 customer your credit again. In the case of the ZKB 58 customers have paid the credit back to back, and a further 260 customers had paid back payments, say it at the Bank.

Little evidence on the misuse of

indications of a widespread misuse of the multibillion-dollar aid programme, the banks do not continue to see: The big banks, CS and UBS are talking about both of the “less than 0.5 percent of the cases” in which there had been evidence of abuse tests. Also in the case of the SGKB or in the case of Raiffeisen Switzerland, you only see “individual cases”, where customers used about the loans in accordance with the contract, or incorrect information to the revenue would be made.

“in some cases” it happened that applications have been filed in the case of two banks, i.e. it is approximately at Valiant. Whether the use of the money was misused, clarify but the money laundering reporting office and the Prosecutor’s office of the respective Canton.

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