Annoyed, you also have to match up with the game, constantly rest? A schwalbe, balls, steps, tijdrekken, value-at-risk interventions: it does not. The research company CIES Football Observatory have been examined in 35 contests during this season is effective in football during the 90 minutes that a game lasts.

The Jupiler Pro League and is in the twelfth, with an average of 55,8 per cent of the time. The most effective soccer shows in Sweden (59,78%). You will find the Dutch Premier league (59.5 percent), and the German Bundesliga (57,1 %) are doing better than in Belgium. And what club will get you the most bang for your buck? That is, strangely enough, the red lantern Club Brugge. You should be able to say that red lantern is so often left behind, that they will never lose track of time, but AA Gent is in second place in the overall standings.

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