German companies are demanding that the European Central Bank (ECB) to increase interest rates. 62 percent of the companies in a new Forsa poll for an interest rate turnaround in the coming years. The survey is available to the news Agency Reuters. A little more than a quarter of the company, pleaded for the continuation of the present ECB policy. The survey was commissioned by the consultancy company EY, the German society for Foreign policy, and the Institute for economic research (DIW) and will be presented on Monday.

The majority of the company fears a new financial crisis in the Euro-Zone, Italy. 68 percent see the high debt of the country as a major Problem.

The Euro-bailout policy of the past few years, which was also associated with inherited risk of liability, however, 83 percent of respondents positively. 56 percent oppose it, in fact, that Germany should enforce their own economic and political interests against the EU partners.