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Support for Juan Guaidó: call from Washington

if you Look at some of the reactions to the decision of the American government, Juan Guaidó as the transitional President of Venezuela to recognise, you might get the idea that Donald Trump was in a difficult domestic political situation of a foreign policy point of profit.

Majid Sattar

Political correspondent for North America, based in Washington.

F. A. Z.

From Florida, one of the alleged key States in the presidential election of 2020, came immediately recognition: Republican Senator Marco Rubio, an influential voice in American policy on Latin America, praised Trump-government for the quick support of the Anti-Maduro forces. Mario Diaz-Balart, a member of the house of representatives, spoke of the democracy is again on the rise – thanks in part to American leadership.

To do the government an injustice, if you put her under, she didn’t want to be distracted in the first place by crippling budget dispute in Washington or the Russia affair. Trump, despite his “America First”-inaugural speech – made very early in his term of office significantly, Venezuela stand on the top of the priority list.

He condemned the authoritarian rulers in Caracas, he received the wife of an imprisoned opposition politician in the White house, and he had his Vice-President Mike Pence flank, his Evangelical electoral base of the socialist Regime has long been a thorn in the eye.

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