the UK is pushing for the emergency preparations for the Brexit. The Ministry of defence in London announced that 3500 soldiers at the ready, to be able to the consequences of a feared chaotic leaving the EU in the spring of cope. The possibility of serious disturbances in trade in Goods could lead to evaluation of professionals to supply shortages on the island. It is also violence to be feared, workers riots, when about food and drugs should be a close one.

Marcus Theurer

economic correspondent based in London.

F. A. Z.

The Cabinet of Prime Minister Theresa May, and decided to 140,000 UK companies to write and to inform you about how you can prepare for a disorderly Brexit. Considered is, apparently, also book transport capacity on ferries to the supply of food and medicines. Brexit-Minister Stephen Barclay said the preparations for a No-Deal-Brexit would now be “a much bigger priority in the company”. The government will inform much more extensive than in the past.

Brexit-uncertainty makes companies

experts warn, however, long been, that it for many companies is already to late to properly prepare. So would have to meet in the event of a disorderly exit, among other things, numerous companies in the UK for the first time of customs formalities. Also, the British ports are prepared for a report to the Parliament, according to bad. As the date for the EU is the outlet of the 29. March 2019 provided. It is still unclear whether a disorderly Brexit can be avoided. In this case, may have to be on the English channel overnight customs controls for trade with the EU re-introduced.