Inflation obliges, the French and the French face significant financial difficulties. Eating is becoming more complex, getting around is more expensive, and incomes often don’t rise as fast as prices do. This is particularly true for retirees who, for the overwhelming majority of them, are not necessarily in a position to improve the amount of their pension after the cessation of activity and therefore turn out, quite mechanically, to be more exposed . This does not mean that it is factually impossible to increase the level of one’s income after having liquidated one’s rights, but it is often more complex than when one is active.

This problematic situation was obviously apprehended by the executive. Even before his re-election, Emmanuel Macron undertook, on condition that the French men and women renew their confidence in him against Marine Le Pen, to increase the amount of retirement pensions from the general system. A promise that he ended up keeping since, as Planet was able to explain with the help of the economist Philippe Crevel, pensions were finally inflated by 4% on September 9, 2022. Only, it is far from be the end of increases!

Supplementary retirement pensions, paid by Agirc-Arrco for former private sector workers, were excluded from this first revaluation. For many executives, this was a significant problem… since this is 60% of their total pension, on average, which did not benefit from the increase. No wonder, of course, since the latter does not fall under the jurisdiction of the State. That being said, informs Le Parisien on its site, the supplementary pension funds have planned to give a hell of a boost, potentially stronger than that which the government and the legislator have been able to implement. Explanations.

“One thing is certain, we will do better than the state. But we take the time to find a compromise”, explains an administrator of Agirc-Arrco to Parisian. Understand, more than 4%, as paid at the beginning of the month. Be careful however, because the increase applied by the State was retroactive, several months of additional pension were paid in one go, on September 9. This will not necessarily be the case for the private plan.

Although Agirc-Arrco has not yet precisely detailed the amount that French pensioners could benefit from – we will have to wait until October 6 to find out more about this – it is already possible to say that the increase in pensions cannot exceed 5.2%. Otherwise, pensions would rise faster than wages, which is not allowed. Several signs also suggest that the increase in pensions will be substantial. Among these positive elements, we can note the very good economic health of Agirc-Arrco. Indeed in 2022, the supplementary scheme should still be largely in the green this year, with a “technical result” estimated at 3.7 billion euros, according to an internal document consulted this Friday, September 23 by AFP. This is an even larger surplus balance than in 2021 when the financial surplus was estimated at 2.6 billion euros. As a reminder, at this stage, an increase of at least 4.9% is acquired, which essentially corresponds to the evolution of wages (4.8%) and a slight catch-up (0.1%) of inflation. undervalued in 2021, according to the details of several union sources to AFP. It is also important to remember that the rule is that Agric-Arrco maintains a sufficiently large fund to represent six months of financial reserves over a fifteen-year horizon. Agirc-Arrco has already announced that a revaluation of pensions was planned for November 1, 2022.

In October 2021, Le Parisien still recalls on its site, the revaluation of pensions was limited to 1%. This year, it will occur mechanically later, since the exact figure will not be retained before October 6th. It will therefore be necessary to be patient and wait until November 1 of the current year, reports the specialized site Démarches Administratives. All in all, it will be four months since the French and the French will have benefited from the previous revaluation.

And it will not stop there, as Philippe Crevel was able to point out in our columns. “The next revaluation of retirement pensions is scheduled for January 2023”, he explained on the eve of the second revaluation which occurred in 2022. Not without recalling that the debates relating to the Social Security financing bill for 2023 (PLFSS 2023) approaching, we will know more “in a few weeks”.