Waiting at the beginning of each month. The Agirc-Arrco supplementary pension is paid monthly to its beneficiaries, by bank transfer. The last payment was yesterday, Wednesday November 2, 2022 and it will soon be different. Indeed, as Planet announced to you, its amount was revalued in the fall and it therefore increased for the first time in a year.

After a very timid increase of 1% in November 2021, all policyholders benefit this time from an increase of 5.12% to cope with galloping inflation, which affects all sectors and which is estimated at 5.2% by INSEE for the whole of 2022. As a reminder, this increase corresponds to the evolution of the average salary in France – 4.82% – to which is added a catch-up for the year past and the granting of an additional margin. This increase came into effect on November 1, 2022.

Since it is a public holiday, the last transfers were effective only on November 2. If one day does not yet make the difference, many retirees need to plan ahead and therefore know in advance the dates of payment of their supplementary pension. Attention, if the Agirc-Arrco makes the transfers at the beginning of the month, this is not the case of the Retirement insurance (CNAV and CARSAT), which pays you your basic pension around each 9 of the month. If you are a beneficiary of another pension scheme (SRE, CNRAL, Ircantec for example), then you are subject to a different payment schedule than that of the Retirement Insurance. These different organizations disclose their schedule for the following year at the end of each year.

Good news, since the payment of your supplementary pension takes place every 1st of the month, it is possible to plan for the year 2023, explains the Administrative procedures site. When this first day of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, then payment is made on the first business day of the month. A delay of two to three days is therefore to be expected from time to time and this will be the case in particular in 2023 for the months of April and July. Please note, if your supplementary pension is low, then you benefit from a single transfer, once a year.

Do you benefit from the Agirc-Arrco supplementary pension? See the payment schedule for next year below.