Termination of activity. They are thousands to have reviewed the terms of their retirement because of him. From now on, everything could change! Because Emmanuel Macron is not the only one to consider major upheavals in terms of pensions. Moreover, he does not have control over all the levers likely to impact the lives of French men and women… As a reminder, the President of the Republic has a project to postpone the legal retirement age. retirement, now set at 62. If the Head of State – who does not have the necessary majority to carry out his reforms with the certainty of never encountering any obstacle – succeeds, he projects a new age set at 64 or 65, it is according to.

This time, informs Pleine Vie on its site, it is the trade unions and employers’ organizations that could upset the relationship to retirement of many policyholders. Agirc-Arrco is considering the abolition of its bonus-malus system, set up in 2019 to push everyone to postpone their retirement date. What would be the concrete impact for the French people concerned?

Naturally, the impact of such a removal would vary from retiree to retiree. Insofar as the bonus-malus system was intended to encourage the (spontaneous) postponement of the date of retirement, everything suggests that French men and women who have already liquidated their rights will not benefit from such a development.

On the other hand, for the others, a new possibility opens up: leaving a year in advance without suffering from the 10% penalty so far imposed by Agirc-Arrco. Providing for a cessation of activity at the legal age would no longer mean amputating part of your pension. For the organism, however, it is a net loss. Why, then, come to this?

In fact, continues Pleine Vie, the system put in place in 2019 has not proven to be particularly effective. It’s even quite the opposite. In the columns of Figaro, the confederal secretary of Force Ouvrière explains. “The balance sheet is nil. It brings in almost nothing, barely a few hundred thousand euros,” he explains.

In total, continues the daily Les Echos, around 2,600 people took the system into account when calculating their retirement date in 2020. This represents only a single percent of followers. 9% of private sector employees have nevertheless worked enough not to suffer from the penalty.

Remember, however, that it is possible to escape the penalty system, even if it were to continue in the end. Several cases make it possible to claim an exemption. This is true for the following insureds: