Inflation that never ends. The rise in prices continues to have a severe impact on the wallets of the French and the situation is not going to improve as the Christmas holidays approach. For several months, many consumers have changed their eating habits, Planet readers explaining that they have reduced their meat consumption, others have favored private labels over national brands and some have completely given up their little pleasures, such as sweets. For everyone, a single watchword: limit damage at checkout.

The French know that they will still have to tighten their belts for a while and the professionals in the sector are not really reassuring. Asked about inflation at the beginning of November by BFMTV, Michel-Edouard Leclerc, head of the E.Leclerc brands, explained: “Inflation is not just temporary. The inflation that is brewing is inflation to two digits”. The manager gave a layer of it on Monday, November 21, this time on the set of Cnews, regretting a “trivialization of inflation” because “If we do not mobilize where the margins are made and where the competition does not doesn’t happen, it’s going to be very expensive for the French”.

If you see a significant increase in prices at the supermarket, do you know how much the inflation really is? On this subject, Michel-Edouard Leclerc recalls that “on food we are at 14%, on fresh products, we are at 18%”, considering that, for the next shot, nothing is below 10%”. As a result, “life on promotion is part of everyday life”. Using vouchers, taking advantage of promotions, preferring certain brands to others… There are many tips for making small savings at the supermarket, but they often take time Are you already sure that you are shopping in the best place?

It’s no surprise to anyone, but some brands are much more expensive than others, with an average basket that can vary from single to double. To find out, Le Parisien compared the prices in six stores in a district of Paris, for the same products, or equivalent. Indeed, Lidl offers very few national brands, unlike other brands. While the cheapest basket is 17.39 euros, the most expensive climbs to 40.86 euros, more than double! Eggs, pasta, yogurt, toothpaste… Where can you buy them cheaper, even for a few cents? Find out below, according to data from the study by Le Parisien.