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Second day without an audience in the Hippodrome de la Zarzuela with a program category, Poules, leading up to the Derby and the Oaks with Spanish, more than the First Step.

The first race will correspond to the Award-First Step , within the program “Made in Spain”, for ponies of 2 years old that have not raced, about the distance of 1,000 straight line. Enter the stage the foals of the generation early, being eleven candidates to victory. The smartest seem to be Kaleodin, Brujilda and Madidina .

follow the Prize Community of Madrid , for fillies 3 years of age, high school of the Gran Premio Beamonte – OAKS Spanish. Seven applicants to the triumph from the pole of 2,100 meters. Stand out as a favorite Pravia and Caberniga , the race passes by the two, that could bring us a nice duel. is Elle Rules and The Mal Amada , they will try to put it difficult.

The third race will be the Premio Velayos , for colts 3-years old, high school of the Gran Premio Villapadierna – Derby Spanish. Ten participants over the distance of 2,200 meters. is Abu , after his exhibition in San Sebastían, is going to be our clear favorite. is Max’s Thunder, Pueyo and Jack Jack , will be their top rivals.

The fourth race will be the Gran Premio Valderas – Poule of Fillies , within the program “Made in Spain”, the best fillies of 3 years, will compete for the crown in the 1,600 meters to go. Eleven participants. The favorites are Pravia and Guereira , their performances make them to be serious candidates to victory. is Tarantela and Viana will be a lot of war.

“Udalla” overcoming in the Gran Premio Valderas 2019 – Photo courtesy “To Gallop”

In fifth and last place, will play the Grand Prize Centenary Finest – Poule from Colts , within the program “Made in Spain”

100 years of history, since in 1920 he played the award named “Test of National Products” until 1944, and renamed the Award for Highest in 1944, in recognition of Mr. Valentine, Mariano of the Visitation, V Count of the top musician who died that same year and one of the big jars of horse racing and the breeding of the pure blood in our country. Among the various positions and responsibilities that it assumed throughout its 70 years of life, he was the founding member in November of 1912 the Spanish Olympic Committee.

Your block of horses came out for the first time to the track in 1911 and won its first major race in 1912, beating them in the National Madras II , the horse of his debut. The mythical colors, brown with polka dots and a white cap were premiered in the spring season of 1915. Among his great achievements is to be a winner on eleven occasions the statistics of owners, six of them form consecutively; winner nine times the G. P. of Madrid and add 126 grands prix, with the merit of almost all of their victories, the got with national products raised by him.

the turn of the best colts of 3 years that will fight from the pole the 1,600 by being the best of the classical age. Thirteen participants. By what shown up to now, the race passes through the wards of Guillermo Arizcorreta, Turbot, and Salt Island , it will be a great show to see who of the two gets the victory. To complete the trio, we see Pelliquero and Ilyouchkine , although Royal Dancer and Marrero do not walk away.

Relay races

From 10:45 hours, lascarreras.com it became the hippodrome online for all fans to follow all of the information of the day with the views of experts, interviews to the protagonists or the statistics of the program participants of the day with the favorites of the experts of the program.

RTVE, will cover the day, through its two channels Teledeporte going from the fourth race on the 12: 15 h to give the fifth race in direct and also in your sports channel +TDP.