Japan mourns and thanks. The resignation of Kisenosato, a rings, a Grand master Sumo is the headline of the day. Around seven minutes, the television station NHK is dedicating the evening’s main news broadcast as the top news of the event, before the moderator bows few deep and to the Grand master, nor even respect. The resignation had emerged in the past few months and hitting the Sumo world, nevertheless, into the heart. Until 2017 Kisenosato the Yokozuna, the Grand master, appointed as the first Japanese since the age of 19. The Promotion was regarded as a point of departure and as a possible turning point in the national sport, dominated for years by Mongolian wrestlers. However, two years later, the hoped-for glory is already over. The pressure weighing on the Yokozuna was too large.

Patrick Welter

a correspondent for Economics and policy in Japan, based in Tokyo.

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In a tearful press conference in the afternoon, Kisenosato said in his resignation and asked his followers to forgive me. “I regret that I was not able to meet the expectations of a Yokozuna,” said the 32-year-old athlete. He don’t regret in any way his Sumo career. Next to him, his stable master Tagonoura, can only close with ease jacket is about the strong Sumo body sits. “Let me resign”, Kisenosato will have the stable master to Taganouras words on the eve of a long conversation, asked, what gives a nice insight into the strict hierarchy in the Sumo Sport.

Three times in a row Kisenosato had lost at the beginning of the current Sumo tournament in Tokyo. It was too much. Its popularity did not crash. In spite of the low Kisenosato flew in the Arena, no seat cushions, but he got a lot of applause and defeats against lower ranked wrestlers. Technically, the resignation was the result of the fighting technique Kisenosatos, say some experts.

His former stable master Naruto told the young wrestler, his strong left Arm. Of Kisenosato, who is weighed at a size of 188 centimeters, with 177 kg, never more. At the spring tournament in 2017, the only one Kisenosato won as Grand master, he injured himself in the final battle at the left shoulder and left chest muscle-so much so that he had to sit out eight tournaments in a row or cancel. The inglorious record was the beginning of the end.