you can Walk for almost a week-to-sniveling-and piling the used towels are put on? It is the middle of september, and this is the peak period for the common cold. Also, in a remarkable and warm summer temperatures.

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a change in the weather, it is still not the case. Far from it, in fact. This weekend, we are going in the direction of 27 degrees celsius. And yet, stitches, colds in the head. Not so coincidentally, two weeks after the beginning of the school year, ” says virologist is in order, Marc Van Ranst (kuleuven). “The schools and day care centers have reopened. Children are more in touch with each other and may have the virus that the common cold can cause it easier to pass on.”

And when the children catch a cold, the parents have to take. The team, parents, and friends of co-workers. A griepgolf it is, in any case, it is not to be the case. The influenza virus is in the us, especially in the winter, between november and march.
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