Success for the authorities – a Swiss hostage in Colombia after three months free


Success for the authorities – a Swiss hostage in Colombia after three months freiDie Colombian army was able to liberate the Swiss citizens, as well as a Brazilians. The EDA praises the good cooperation of several Agencies.The Colombia hostage-held Swiss (l.) on Thursday after his liberation by the army.(KEYSTONE/EPA/Mauricio Duenas)

A Swiss citizen, was for nearly three months in the Hand-Colombian hostage-taker, is since Thursday. This is the Federal Department of foreign Affairs (DFA) announced on Thursday evening.

a Swiss and A Brazilian, had been freed on Thursday by the Colombian army, wrote to the EDA. The two were at 20. March, kidnapped, and during nearly three months in Colombia as hostages have been held.

Since that time, the EDA, together with various departments of the Federal administration (e.g. Federal office for police fedpol) as well as of the Canton of Zurich (cantonal police) are used intensively for the release of the hostages.

The authorities involved had been in contact with the family members and they would be accompanied in this time and supports. In addition, the Swiss representation in Bogotá in close contact with the local authorities.

The context of the abduction currently being investigated. In view of the circumstances, both persons are in good health. Due to data and privacy protection, no additional information could be made.

The EDA thanks the Colombian authorities for the good cooperation and the Colombian armed forces for their successful use in the context of this liberation action. Federal councillor Ignazio Cassis wrote on Thursday night on Twitter he was relieved about the liberation of the Swiss and the Colombian authorities which would have this allows grateful.

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