Subsidised snow – Suva funded snow cannons in Arosa a ski Piste in the Grisons holiday resort to be supported by public money – thanks to a detour on a loan.0 commentary snow thanks to a Suva-loan? A snow cannon in the ski resort of Arosa. (Archive photo)photo: Gian Ehrenzeller/Keystone

In the Canton of Grisons, there is snow, which is funded by the accident insurance Suva. The SRF reported. On a detour to a snow-making system will be supported in the ski resort of Arosa. The black Piste number twelve on the Bruges horn can be prepared according to the report, only if there is not enough natural snow. The use of artificial snow about two and a half kilometers a cost of 4.8 million Swiss francs. Two million of them would want to auslehnen the mountain Railways of Suva.

Because the Suva awards, however, any loans to companies, granted to the operators in Arosa, first of all, a rejection. However, they pointed to another possibility: financing through the municipality. In this way, a loan from the tourist destination can be given.

Because the municipality of Arosa was “extremely interested”, that the mount tracks well, there was “no question” that you are receiving the loan for their operations, says the President of the commune, Lorenzo Schmid, on the SRF. Finally, the mountain had paths been declared a “systemically important company”.

the Canton refused the Boon from

Provided, that Arosa pay two million francs in the next few years. First, you must choose the district Council if the municipality receives the loan or not.

according to The report, wanted to the mountain Railways, irrespective of the Suva-loans find also in the Canton of funds from a funding pot for economic development. The have rejected the request for a Boon of a Million francs, but.


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