Bad news from the home of Osram, one might say, one is now accustomed to. In the past year, the lighting group had reduced twice its forecast, before he comforted then a few months later, an investor with a medium term positive-acting view, just to warn in November from a sluggish first half of the time, of a fresh business year.

Now you will hear again in minor tones. “I see dark clouds for 2019 on the horizon, wind”, said the Chairman of the Board Olaf Berlien, the “Augsburger Allgemeine”. “The demand for light-emitting diodes.”

consequently, the rate falls even more significantly, currently just under 7 per cent. So he remains, however, in the range between 30 and 40 euros, in which the stock is traded for the second forecast reduction the previous year. A year ago, the former Siemens subsidiary was in the stock market is still more than twice as much value.

The first quarter of 2018/19, on the 31. December ended, was “turn out to be even weaker than this, some financial experts and we have expected a few months ago”, the name of Berlien. The reason for this he sees in the weakness of the car and the Smartphone industry, which are among the most important customers of Osram. Analysts had forecast for the first quarter and generated an average revenue decline of ten percent.

What will the course, are speculations about a Takeover of Osram by financial investors, which could take the company from the stock exchange and keep for months. According to a report by the “Manager magazine” is interested in, among other things, Bain Capital and CVC for the lighting technology group.

Osram-head Berlien showed in the Interview is open for the entry of a major shareholder. He would be “in principle, there is no risk”, but could assist the Osram managing Board during the restructuring of the group is also in a phase of economic weakness. To the Reports he will take but no comments.

Osram go “month-by-month view,” said Berlien of the newspaper. The weakness in the auto industry, not only on the Diesel scandal, the Abatzzahlen in China collapsed in the past three months to 16 percent. “For us, this is painful.” Osram feel the trade conflict between the United States and China. The slump in the Smartphone manufacturers Apple and Samsung came. The Brexit have an impact on Osram.