the Young people’s brossen, for the climate, but for many, there are significant gaps in klimaatkennis. This shows a survey of more than 3,000 students. 87% of them will understand that the global warming is the cause, to write in The Morning, and The News on Friday.

The survey was carried out on 3.259 students in the third grade of secondary education, aso, technical secondary education (tso and bso). The inquiry was set up by the national teachers ‘ organisation’s Call for a Democratic School that promotes equality of educational opportunity. Four out of ten young people are ready for the plane not to take it and the other half will feel free to reduce the amount of meat to eat in order to reduce to safe limits. Also, about one-fifth of the respondents to the survey have already participated in an action outside of, or within, the school.

But in spite of the increasing attention and engagement, and the knowledge of the climate is not good enough. Only 13% can, for example, the exact mechanism of global warming, carbon dioxide (CO2 prevents the infrared radiation of the earth, to leave, ed.). from a list of options to pick. This is less than in the year 2015, when around one in five (19%) of the students had.

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