a Lot of ATMs and banks will have to get in on Wednesday due to Strike of truck-drivers no fresh cash. Nationwide, hundreds of transports were down, said Verdi negotiator Arno Peukes. There are more drivers of money to be transporters, money counter and preparer in the strike, as the Union had expected. A number of banks were, therefore, no fresh cash, the dealer could let the day’s receipts do not pick up.

“hold on a Nationwide basis, the impact for consumers is limited,” said Silke Wollmann, a spokesman for the Federal Association of German money and valuables services (BDGW). Especially in the Eastern länder, the participation to the Strike was in many places low or even zero. In Bavaria, by contrast, around 80 percent of the planned money shipments were according to information from the competent Verdi representative.

But what happens if a strike two or three days? In Bavaria, Berlin and Rostock, is approximately the Union announced that the warning strike would continue on Thursday. Whether nationwide on Thursday and maybe on Friday will continue the strike, but according to Peukes. “The mood is such that people want to continue with this tomorrow,” said Peukes. “But there are also sites that just want to go on strike for a day.” In Hamburg, the Verdi representative said that for Thursday for the time being, no further industrial action was planned, was to exclude it.

No major impact

“There is no cash shortage in the trade or overflowing vaults in the supermarkets – even in three days of Strike,” said BDGW spokeswoman wool man. It could happen that a machine time the Bills went out and customers would have to then go to the next.

Similarly, the German banking industry expressed as a representation of the interests of the five banking associations. There is no evidence for a greater impact, in some areas, it could lead to restrictions in the supply of cash at ATMs, it said.