Of the 13 incoming and 13 outgoing Lufthansa flight at Brussels Airport on Thursday, a total of 14 will be cancelled due to a strike by flight attendants at the German airline. That There was heard in the room. The Lufthansa-owned Brussels Airlines, last Thursday, at Brussels Airport, two outward and return flights, additional deposited in to the airport.

as Of the scheduled 13 in the departing flights Thursday, 6 of which goal 5 is to Munich (germany), and 1 in Frankfurt), and 7 are cancelled. On the inbound flight (s) that have the same number. In total, 14 flights will be cancelled on Thursday.

on Friday, the airport and don’t know anything. That is the day when Lufthansa is also 13 flights 13 flights to the Brussels Airport, as planned.

The German carrier had on Wednesday out on Thursday and Friday for a total of about 1,300 flights will be cancel due to the strike action by the cabin crew. About 180,000 passengers have been affected, and, as reported, Lufthansa. The strike was earlier this week called by the trade union Ufo and, for the sake of a social conflict. The cancelled flights represent more than one-fifth of the total of 6,000 flights on Thursday and Friday, are planned.

now, as The strike will only affect the flights of the Lufthansa brand. The flights of the other airlines of the group, including Austrian Airlines, Swiss and Brussels Airlines, will not be affected by it.