Thunderstorms are not a rare phenomenon in France. This Thursday, June 23, 2022, 84 departments were placed on alert by Météo France. These different meteorological episodes can be particularly serious when lightning strikes directly on your home.

This can cause damage to your roof, cracks in certain materials or even fires, “at the level of the framework or the insulation”, as indicated by Stéphane Pédeboy, technical director at Météorage, a subsidiary of Météo France specializing in the prevention of risks related to storms, on the TF1 info site.

If the chances of seeing your home destroyed by lightning are very low, they are not zero. Especially if you live in the areas below:

No matter where you live in France, you can invest in more or less expensive solutions to protect your home from lightning.

Do you want to protect your home as effectively as possible from the risk of lightning? So we’ll have to get our hands on the wallet. Here are the three devices in which you can invest:

This particularly expensive equipment is very effective, “but the investment is not worth the candle”, estimates Stéphane Pedeboy on TF1 Info.