Storms from Wednesday: the departments where they arrive first


After two exceptional heat waves for the month of May, the weather has cooled down in France. Greyness, rain and lower temperatures have been on the program for a few days… But not for long. According to forecasts from La Chaîne Météo, it should be warm again next week.

There is no question of calling this a heat wave: “The hot air will not encompass the whole country as during the last heat wave. A significant temperature contrast will also be observable between the north- west and southeast,” said meteorologist Cyril Bonnefoy.

Note however: temperatures may reach and even exceed the high heat threshold, located at 30°C, and perhaps even the “very high heat” threshold, set at 35°C.

You already know it: whoever says high heat, says thunderstorms. Next week’s sky will not escape this logic, with a stormy deterioration that may be accompanied by hailstorms.

“Cold air at altitude will overcome particularly warm air which will come up from North Africa on the southern and eastern part of the country”, underlines, for his part, the specialist Cyril Duchesne.

If the whole of France will be affected by thunderstorms from Thursday June 2, 2022, they will arrive earlier than elsewhere in places. In our slideshow below, discover the twenty departments where the thunder will roar from Wednesday evening June 1st.

The information provided is based on Météo France forecasts for May 26 at 3 p.m. and is subject to change.