Stories about food – A book to enjoy Diana Henry’s award-winning Food writer. At the perfect time appeared a new Band. “The art of eating a peach” is a printed copy of the temptation.Nina Kobelt0 comments”Under all summer tarts this is my absolute favorite”: apricot cake from Food writer Diana Henry.Photo: Laura Edwards

I don’t know about you, but I have to get used to it. To the Restaurant, I mean. Since last week, I was with Friends who wanted to eat from a variety of reasons: The first one had a headache, because they are constantly vegetables in your Gemüseabo found that she did not know. The other is dreaming for weeks of a Schnitzel but don’t want to fry yourself. The third had a liquid yeast, trauma, and I, I had the cooking on your Own is easy enough.

So we went to eat in a hipsterige local eatery, of course, that was a mistake, and I bugged me about the überoriginellen menu name and found: My asparagus taste better! Since that evening, I hide me there, where I always am in culinary troubled times: in the adventures of Food authors. Especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries this is common among the genre of cookery books far, Cooking diaries, culinary travel journals, even whole novels about Restaurants there. In Switzerland, for example, “magazine”columnist, Christian Seiler is really good at writing stories of and about food.

The beauty of a Food reading is: I have to cook nor to eat, but only dream. And here is the British journalist Diana Henry comes into the game. A few days ago your book “How to Eat a Peach” was released in German – the Translation is really, shows that you received the title no compromise: “the art of eating a peach” is the title of it. A lot of recipes to be found, it is a chef is actually a book, but also quite a lot of Text.

author and chef Diana Henry. Photo: PD

Diana Henry succeeds in a miraculous way, their readers have to be where they are normally located (in the kitchen), and to bring them far, far away: to London, where she’s holed up on a rainy afternoon and a cookery book pushes that will accompany you henceforth (“the Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook”). To a coast, where they celebrate festivals, because crabs, sourdough bread, a self-stirred Mayonnaise and good wine is enough, to spend unforgettable hours. To Cabinet, to Istanbul, to Italy, directly to your “Spanish stock”. She writes, as the summer begins (with an apricot tart), what do you do when it’s too hot to cook (tomato salad, yogurt and cucumber), or the fact that it is sentimental in Van Morrison’s Song “Coney Island”. The non-New York sings of, but a Northern Irish island, which she knows from her Childhood. Van Morrison, Henry, tell therein of canned herring, and mussels, and remind you of your father. On the following pages about the recipe for smoked eel with Guinness bread is to be printed.

Also reads like a beautiful story.

Food-reading literature, is how to cook for themselves, but without effort. Away food, but without the inconvenience. Travel without leaving the house. Food-to read literature, this is the perfect employment after a spring like that of 2020.

by the Way: There is no scavenger has been on the map, and it pleases me so to asparagus, food, the Girlfriends and I again this weekend away. You have to get used to Yes also at some point again.

Diana Henry: the art of eating a peach. Recipes and stories of a culinary Globetrotter. 256 pages, German, Ars Vivendi, around 41 Swiss francs.

travel, without having to travel, cook, without boiling: currently, There is nothing Better than Food literature. Cool: The book cover is velvety soft, like the skin of a peach!Photo: PD comment please Login to comment