more Bad news for Evy Gruyaert (40). The radiopresentatrice was walking in the gym during training for the tv show Dancing with the stars with a knee injury in. Whether they will on Sunday once again on the dance floor, it is currently not certain.

Last week on dancing with the radiopresentatrice the cha-cha-cha with dance partner Frank Seals, but during the course of rehearsals for the next live show, everything went wrong. “We have had a few of the complicated dance moves, getting some exercise, and then it hit my knee really hard out of the bowl,” she said in Nostalgia. “I screamed like I never screamed.” In a reflex, then pushed Gruyaert her knee back in the right place. “Frank was there. He was jumping like crazy all around, and put right ice packs on the knee. He got the physiotherapist, and took me to the hospital. Since then, arc the sportdokter and the physiotherapist.”


It is Moki , and the program Gruyaert, along with Kevin’s Spirit is present at the Thing it looks on Thursday, with a little bit of a different story. “The show lasts until 19: 00, but I need to take a picture of my knee.”
Text Four < / P> And the show on Sunday, again on the dance floor, it is still not at all sure of that. “We’re already all in. My knee isn’t broken, but I’m still on crutches. Everything is solid ingetapet, and I really hope there’s a Sunday again, too.”

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