The decision of an American judge with a view to the upcoming glyphosate-the procedure was alleviated on Friday when the shareholders of Bayer, the fear of billions of risks due to lawsuits because of the Weed killer. The papers of the agricultural chemical and pharmaceutical group rose in the morning as a favorite in the Dax is up 4.4 percent on 63,45 EUR.

the judge has granted a request by Bayer, in February of the upcoming process, as well as the process of two other lawsuits in two phases split. So accusations of Manipulation of public opinion against Bayer, a subsidiary of Monsanto, would not be led to the start of the process, said Analyst Michael Leuchten from UBS. Because in the first Phase, the plaintiff would have to show lawyers that glyphosate had actually caused the cancer to your clients. This is the only alleged evidence for the alleged interference of the regulatory authorities.

Bayer welcomes the decision of the judge, according to a spokesman. The step is expected to contribute to the objectification of the discussion, he said. As a result of the decision will be created for the affected, ground-breaking processes, a different Standard than previously, announced UBS expert with lights. So would now be the question to the jury approached if all other possible causes of the leukaemias, the plaintiff could be excluded as reason for the disease really.

Bayer denies allegations

in Principle, the expert holds an agreement of Bayer glyphosate-plaintiffs for the most likely scenario. Finally, it was with a view to pharmaceutical companies a well-established procedure. Lights on sets in the negative scenario for the stock an amount in the mid single-digit billion-Euro range. That would be around 5 euros per share. So many complaints of about 9300 plaintiffs for allegedly disguised the cancer risks of the Weed available in the United States shredder glyphosate.

Bayer denies the allegations, and also against a judgment from the year 2018, where a plaintiff with high damages awarded. The Bayer price had plummeted since the ruling in August by more than 37 percent up on 58,34 EUR by the end of 2018, as investors fear that are difficult to calculate risks running into the Billions. Given the current rate of recovery, a continuation of the ground was in order.