Sometimes, it may be worthwhile to wait a little longer. According to the experience in front of one and a half years with the combination unit of Stihl, to the four-stroke engine, various attachments can be inserted, we were curious to see the silent version with the electric motor and the battery, the Stihl KMA announced 130 R. Then, the test specimen did not come for months, for reasons that are for the Swabian manufacturer pleasing – the demand was too stormy. Now, good things take time, and so we have left us of the return time. This is also justified: The combination unit is, depending on the accessory, a companion through the seasons of the year, we wanted to test. In our case, then, in the late summer, brush cutter and hedge trimmer, in the fall of the leaf blower, and then we will have to wait until the first snow fell.

Luke Weber

editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

F. A. Z.

But the number after. The Combi system consists of a Motor that rotates a drive shaft. It is worn on a shoulder strap and with a round handle for the Left led. Between the Motor and the shaft output of the handle for the rights of the switching electronics. There are in addition to the safety lock and throttle control is a slider, with the performance in three levels can be adjusted. As with the gasoline engine, the speed can also be emotional on the finger lever to regulate.

The benefits of battery operation, quickly explained: no exhaust, no vibration, and much quieter; most of the tools make more noise than the Motor, so that ear protection can be dispensed with and the office people must not throw a paperweight after the leaf blower. For the user, gratifying: There’s less of the weight is in the Hand – our test device in the measurement with 3100 grams, a little lighter than in the prospectus, the us once used the most powerful petrol engine KM 131 R weighs in at 4.4 pounds. Plus the weight of the Tank. The battery of the KMA, however, is outsourced. He wanders into a bag on the belt, from there the Motor is supplied via a 130-centimeter long wire with current; the whole Ensemble weighs 2.75 kilograms. We have used the baking stone large AP 300 from the professional program of Stihl chainsaw with 36 volts and an energy content of 227 Wh. There are with the same dimensions, it is also less powerful versions, which we like but for the power-intensive operation of the combined device is not recommend, as well as, recently, the battery 300 S 281 Wh. And great to be worn as a backpack on the back. Then you get five to seven kilos of additional weight of up to 1150 Wh, which from sunrise until dark.


At suitable attachments currently eleven in the program, including Stihl, however, the Scythe twice (with thread or knife), and the customer can choose between a rigid rear cutter, and an adjustable inclination of the – of the is heavier, and more expensive, but often very practical, for example, is slightly above the ground or over head cut. In addition, there is a Blower, broom, sweeping brush, brush-cutter, edge cutter, tiller and pole pruner are part of. The attachments are slid onto the connection device of the Combination that succeeds thanks to a nose foolproof. The fools you have to explain, however, is that he has to push together both parts firmly up to the stop, otherwise there is no transmission of power – the author of these lines happened more than once. For the Work high above there is a shaft extension made of steel, aluminium or carbon, they differ in weight and price. All the parts look sturdy, we have managed, however, the 4.5×4.5 mm square of the extension shaft abzuscheren, as in the male use of the hedge cutter jammed, a warranty case.

on the Other hand, speaks for the power of the electric motor. In fact, the KMA feels compared to the version with the gasoline engine is not weak, especially the torque impressed. Sensitive natures but are felt to have a slightly lower rotational speed of the shaft, therefore, about the maximum air throughput of the blower is low (1110 instead of 1300 cubic meters per hour). The will, however, be used rarely, and the noise of the leaf blower is unheard of in direct comparison with the gasoline is low, which is why we operated in all the municipalities, Garden and private people leaf blower with battery to the heart to.