Castle Rock in the North-East of the United States, in the state of Maine, and one of the places in which you would prefer to have nothing to do. For decades, things play here that suggest that dark forces are at work. Castle Rock is the home of the rabid Saint Bernard “Cujo” who killed three men and a mother and her young in an overheated car wasting away. Also a store called “Needful Things”, whose owner did business, which made the inhabitants out of sheer greed, violence opened once – rare Schubert’s “Ave Maria” contrast was set richer in the scene. It is also the place where four young men to the body of a friend found.

Here is Sheriff Alan Pangborn, the tried to make in the neighbouring town of Ludlow, once a multiple killer who took revenge for his own funeral alive. That story is to an author and his flesh became Pseudonym of the writer Stephen King who invented the place Castle Rock, and in stories like “The body”, “Cujo”, “Needful Things” or “Strong” as a place used, with a bizarre scene at the Castle Lake have made: A man is broken down by sparrows.

On Starzplay, a young Abokanal of Amazon Prime, now see the ten-part television series “Castle Rock”, the said place is playing, and the casual memories of all of these stories consume. It was produced by the video portal Hulu. The script comes from Stephen King, the Grand master of horror, but of the two young authors Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason. You have read your King. And has co-produced the series and shortly after the start of showing in the United States – in the highest tones praised: A sequence is better than the other, he wrote to his five million Twitter followers. The actor was broadcast, the story was worth it. They impress even without the “Easter Eggs”, so the numerous allusions to his work.

Small Shape on thin ice

What can you after this, if not, the most generous blessing from above to write other than the note that it behaves the same way. Even the camera – a camera that draws the eye really deserves every praises. We restrict ourselves to the history, the plays, for the most part in the present, but with a flashback to the year 1991 uses: It is Winter and terribly cold. A police officer searches a forest to a young boy who disappeared eleven days ago. Suddenly, the Boy stands in front of him, almost in the middle of the frozen lake. The policeman ran up to him. The camera zooms in, until both of the only small figures in a large, sprawling world – on thin ice.

same place, twenty-seven years later, A man by the name of Dale Lacey (Terry O’Quinn) commits suicide. It is the just retired Director of the prison of Shawshank who knows the audience is very likely from the Stephen King film adaptation of “The Shawshank redemption”. And because the institution is now run by a private company, its successor, the beds of the masonry in a vacant Block.

A security guard who works in the Shawshank just because it buildings dominated Castle Rock is in the morbid, decaying Factory, goes to work. He finds the empty beds, but especially a cage that was hidden in an old underground water tank and disturbed the occupants of houses (Bill Skarsgård). He has no name, and he can’t talk. He just mumbles a name: the of the disappeared in 1991 on the ice of Sheriff Alan Pangborn (Scott Glenn) rescued child: Henry Deaver.