Stephen King is still on his throne


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Decades later and dozens of books later, one understands that his relationship with his reader/admirer with/Stephen King (Maine, 1947) has been changing, although it has remained firm and affectionate. OK, ok, you may have moments low (in my case The shop, The dome, Insomnia, sleeping beauties, Elevation, any of its books of accounts and the saga of The dark tower that I could never engage); but never stopped being the most faithful of his subjects . I know that I am just one among millions. And -having followed year after year, since the publication of Carrie in 1974 and idolatrándolo forever, thanks to The time of the vampire/Salem’s Lot), The shining, The dead zone, the great novel pandemic The dance of death/Apocalypse, pet sematary, It, The green mile, 22/11/63, The visitor and the madness that is The Tommyknockers, to name only a few – I’ve noticed that since I don’t read King for that which I began to read it .

In the beginning, of course, it was for pure love of the genre, by their cunning and bobdylaniana c capability to revisit improving the ideas of others (including their masters as Bradbury and Matheson ), and that talent has to translate the great and real fears of his time and culture, to the language of the supernatural. But, for a time at this party, enjoys a King not so much for their frames (sometimes predictable, because they already know their tricks and tics) but by his tone, by his way of conta r, by its tempo, by a certain familiarity that can only get our loved ones.

Such a feeling is even more evident in his books of nouvelles -essential The four seasons, Hearts in Atlantis and Everything dark, no stars – where the extension is the exact caught up to us and not exhaust ourselves .

“blood-charge.” Stephen King. Translation of Carlos Milla Soler. Plaza&Janés, 2020. 464 pages. 23,90 euro.

And The blood send King re-to make yours from his throne with a certain comfort: the of anyone who knows he is authorized because he has earned that right.

“The phone of the Lord Harrigan” opens the volume almost with caution: the history of making classic and up both by numbers with avenging ghost , detail modern in the traditional pata de mono mutates to mobile phone, and the brand of the home that redeems and justifies it: that haunting voice of a young boy who has always been a specialty of King.

Follow the almost apocalyptic -very interesting and almost experimental, and perhaps the best part of the set- “life of Chuck”: told in reverse, with a world on the brink of collapse final, haunted house , hero, simple but, most ubiquitous and central section with -of new feature recognizable – an earthly and real tenderness when narrating a dance, as if it were (and is) a historical event.

“The rat”, King insists one of their most beloved and visited: the madness of art that are already diagnosed in its time, Henry James , perhaps the american who, along with King, more and better has been linked to the craft and the figure of the writer with the fantastic. As well, a not very successful narrator (author of a short story anthology, but nothing more) is living in a cabin. And uninspiring influenza virus, and the breakdown of the perfect storm sudden onset, dark glow of rodent driver (with the cadence and aesthetic beliefs of a parodied Jonathan Franzen ) proposing pact faustian and -as in pet sematary and the Curse – moral dilemma to change as desired masterpiece of a western.

The pièce de résistance is “The blood sends” in which we find ourselves with the formidable and obsessive and autistic detective savant and a very sui-generis Holly Gibney, whom we enjoyed in the Trilogy, Bill Hodges, and in The visitor (at the time of seeing her in series, much more faithful to the original is what makes Justine Lupe Mister Mercedes and best to ignore his inexplicable rewriting as an african-american without any of the humor of the character in the adaptation for HBO of Richard Price of The visitor, where he also sacrificed himself by novel side folk-border). Now Gibney investigates the attack/massacre against a school that, immediately becomes the possibility of another “vampire psychic” of a “second world” coming back again and again -there it is, that, thirsty for the blood shed TV journalist-chronic red – and, yes, the suspicion that here will come a second season of The visitor.

in the meantime and until then, King is already working on novel long that he had to modify: “set in 2020 and it would be published in 2021, so I wouldn’t have to worry about settings historical. Little could happen and change. And soon came the Covid-19, and re-reading mine, I saw that one of my characters are embarking this summer on a cruise and… But I solved very fast: now it all takes place in 2019”. Later, in the same interview, King said that these days do not cease to tell you that “it seems that we live inside one of your books. To which I reply: ‘sorry'”.

Excused is and remains and until next time, Your Majesty.