Statement of Kim Jong-un – North Korea breaks off communication with South Korea abNordkorea has announced the shutdown of all channels of communication with South Korea. This is a first step, the government in Pyongyang, the connection between the two countries to cancel completely.North Korea’s dictator Kim Jon-un has ordered on Tuesday a further measure against South Korea – the North Korean Regime wants to cut off all communication links to the South. (Archive image)KEYSTONE

North Korea wants to sever the lines of communication to South Korea completely. The measure will at the Tuesday lunch to be effective, reported the state media in the Morning. This also includes the lines between the governments, as well as between the armed forces of both countries were. South Korea was “treacherous and sly behavior” are accused of.

Recently Pyongyang was angry over a renewed Propaganda campaigns of activists and North Korean refugees in South Korea react. They had sent to the border about half a Million leaflets with criticism of the Communist leadership in Pyongyang in huge balloons Packed in the direction of the North.

North Korea has been threatening for days, with measures

For several days, North Korea has threatened with the closure of the joint liaison offices and termination of other projects, not South Korea bind the dropping of leaflets under.

Already, last week, had the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with the withdrawal from a joint military agreement threatened.