A huge rotating Eisscheibe in a river in the us state of Maine has made observers and scientists for attention. The disc, which has an estimated diameter of around 90 metres, surfaced a few days ago in the river in the town of Westbrook, reported by the American media.

Such Eisscheiben be a rare, but natural phenomenon, which is due among other things to whirlpool in the water, wrote the “New York Times” citing several scientists.

The Eisscheibe have already attracted numerous visitors, said Tina Radel, spokesperson of Westbrook, the newspaper. “The reactions are overwhelming. The people love you.“

A resident of the municipality of Westbrook stressed that he had not seen something like this in the history of his city. The gigantic Eisscheibe change also their size. In the morning, you will be greater than on a Sunny afternoon.

your new Site will remain the inhabitants of Westbrook, probably for a long time. According to the weather forecast it will be in the course of the week, even colder.