The first man in the state of turned, after he had a song in praise of the sports club are sung, the importance for society and democracy, for Integration, and health, to the four hundred guests, most of whom work as volunteers in a sports club. “Reason enough to say a very big Thank you to all of you,” said Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Then it came to the Details. “A society that loses to fighters, in individual, has been lost,” added Steinmeier. You need places where people come in contact with each other, not only through the Internet. Should be Broad and top-level sport is not as opposed to understand.

Michael Reinsch

a correspondent for sports in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

The championship game of the national Handball team against Croatia on Monday evening, one of the few camp-fire, around which the Nation gather. “In Germany speaks today – in all workplaces, in every office.” And those who bear responsibility, know that it is Wide – no top-class sport.

Until then, Steinmeier, signed in the DZ Bank at the Brandenburg gate in Berlin, the TV Gain for its Initiative, “Walker-a Sport for the elderly” with the Big star of the sport is in Gold, the annual trophy of the Volks – and Raiffeisen banks and the German Olympic sports Confederation (DOSB).

The Erlangen set up with the minibus of your Judo Department of a car service to the Elders in the Sport. Also “Sail United”, water sports for people with Handicap, was won be honored, as well, on court three, the Initiative “Give us your Talent” of the Turnerschaft Klein-Krotzenburg, with the help of young people for involvement in the Association.