They marked the history of Star Academy. Since the first season of the famous musical tele-hook hosted by Nikos Aliagas on TF1, teachers have been figures in their own right in the PAF. Their role ? Train a promotion of novice students in arts and performing arts across several disciplines, in order to find the star of tomorrow.

In October 2001, viewers discovered the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys with the head of its academy, its director Alexia Laroche-Joubert. For four seasons, the famous producer has accompanied the candidates in their learning, while illustrating each bonus night in choreographies of which she alone has the secret. Nathalie André (season 3), Gérard Louvin (season 4), Armande Altaï (season 8) and the late Charlotte Valandrey (season 9 on NRJ 12) will follow in her post.

Before taking up the position of director, Armande Altaï was the first singing teacher at Star Academy. She was then replaced by Isabelle Charles (season 4), Richard Cross (season 5 to 7), singer Anne Ducros (season 8) and Rachid Ferrache (season 9). On the dance side, choreographer Kamel Ouali led the dance for eight seasons. An essential face of the program who challenged students in his dance lessons and in his incredible live paintings. He will be replaced by Haspop in the role of professor (in season 9).

Among the outstanding figures of the Star Academy, the public has not forgotten Raphaëlle Ricci, the scenic expression teacher who gave her good (and bad) points to the students during each debriefing of the prime at the weekend. Without forgetting Oscar Sisto, the famous theater teacher who arrived in season 2. Then, from season 5, it is the actor Philippe Lelièvre who will take on the role for three years. Two key characters who made the candidates laugh and cry over the promotions.

And, how not to forget the famous coach Matthieu Gonet (since season 1). He will then be joined in season 4 by two big names in music: Jasmine Roy and Michael Jones. If the trio warmed up the vocal cords of the students, the sports teachers physically prepared the apprentices for the profession of artists. Like the sportsmen Vincent Fournier (season 1), Tiburce Darou (seasons 3 and 4) or the karateka Christophe Pinna (season 5 to 8) and Pascal Soetens (the big brother of season 9). In total, about forty personalities have succeeded one another among the professors at Star Ac’.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the program, several personalities were at the rendezvous at the musical Seine to evoke their best memories with Nikos Aliagas. Like an air of nostalgia that floated during these three evenings which brought together 3 to 4 million fans on TF1. Before discovering the new speakers who will accompany the new director Michael Goldman for season 10, here is what becomes of the former teachers through our slideshow.