have A snack food does not always taste. Sometimes, it’s just going to have to get in between the teeth, to sting. It was a Standard – Waasland-Beveren (belgium). No need to fully go over the people of liège and the match with 2-0, thanks to goals from Carcela and Oulare.

The thuisduel against Waasland-Beveren (belgium) was of Standard in the middle of a heavy set. The Rouches have just the match against Genk, belgium, to Frankfurt and Club Brugge and behind-the-back, followed by another Gent, once again in Frankfurt, and it is surprising to KV Mechelen. Such a match-up against a staartploeg is sometimes treacherous. But that was not to be.

No, it was the team of Michel Preud’homme, a match in which his team is not ready to be a lot of energy is wasted. Obbi Oulare had been calm, allowing for Duje Cop it once again to get to the front if you try. The Croatian played in moderation. Then it was on Mehdi Carcela, a lot more threat. After about three minutes, which opened the Belgian-Moroccan, and the score. Vintage-Mehdi. From the right side to the inside, outside, and in the far corner of the curls. It was the first competitiedoelpunt.

With the 1-0 turned the game and immediately played it. Waasland-Beveren was in a block of five defenders to show up. Furthermore, a little football, or is material to the Waaslanders. Not that the guys on Arnauld Mercier, with a cap to throw it, but to say that the two of them, with the knife between the teeth at Sclessin were down? Not at all. They have thought of all the places, and elsewhere geraapt need to be made.

the Debut of cousin Carcela

The people of liège were, if not pushed to the easy win. A vast amount of opportunities, provided it is not on. Samuel Bastien took half of the pile. Carcela was noticed Zinho Vanheusden them to move, but Nordin Jackers has responded appropriately to the efforts of the defenders. Then, the value (and rightly so) as a penalty for the home side cancelled, it was clear, though, that we are not a high score would be given.

nothing in this match the spectacle of last year. When Waasland-Beveren (belgium) by the one of Stefan Milosevic, at 0 and 3 was Standard, with some improvisation, still 4-3 for me. Yeah, that Milosevic has been noticed in yesterday. Have scored this season yet, but it was the Montenegrijn on the basis of the one and only real chance for the visitors. He was a servant Yuki Kobayashi, who only He Bodart could storm. The young Standard-keeper’s grip is excellent. These are the moments when you have to be there as a goalkeeper.

After that, kabbelde it back on. Preud’homme had Oulare is still some rhythm and variety of fish. In the first half, striker thanks to the 2-0, his first goal since december in the previous year. Perhaps the biggest compliment of the night. And one other thing that will put a smile on the left started: Preud’homme had at the time of the young, He Carcela its official debut. He was at his cousin. More: mission accomplished. To visit this city on Sunday.