Stan Wawrinka (ATP 18) and has established itself as the first qualified for the finals of the European Open in Antwerp, 635.750 time. He was defeated at the opportunity to play the Lotto Arena, with the 18-year-old Italian wild card’ Jannik Sinner (ATP 119) 6-3, 6-2. The match lasted for one hour and five minutes.

Sunday will play Wawrinka, the fourth seed, for the title against the Scot, Andy Murray (ATP 243), or as the Frenchman Ugo Humbert (ATP 70), the scapegoat from the David Goffin.

The 34-year-old Swiss has won, so far, sixteen of the ATP titles, including three grandslams (Us Open 2014, Roland Garros 2015, the U.S. Open in 2016). His last tournament victory dates back to all of may 2017 (in Geneva).

“It was my best match of the week,” said the 34-year-old Swiss man after the end of the game. “He’s very talented and has a great attitude. There, wait for him to have a good future”, he took the loftrompet about the Sinner. “I didn’t play at that level, and when I was eighteen. I knew his game, and we trained several times together, and I played against him at the US Open this year. I was very surprised by the quality of his strokes. But today, I was playing very aggressive when it needed to be, with a very good positional game. It’s pleasing to be in the finals. I’m working hard to get titles up for grabs. However, there is no guarantee of success. What I do know is that I have anyone who can beat my level and get me, and I’m very happy with the chance to see it tomorrow/Sunday is already a holiday can be a credit to my name.”

Wawrinka, no. 18 in the world, it also had nice words for Andy Murray in the semi-final against Ugo Humbert, is. “That’s when he decided to set up in January to undergo surgery, no one knew if he was ever in the circuit that would be able to return home. Him back to this level, it will do a lot for others. It is one of the best players ever. I have a lot of respect for him.”
“based on our track, it would be a very special match”, commented that he has a potential final between the two of them. The Swiss also made a comeback after knee injuries.