Old-fashioned bear hunger for BärentatzenEs they are also the major distributors. Why people still travel from far and wide to Gommiswald SG to buy Hubers bear paws. Nina Kobelt0 comment, maybe a bear would fit paws better: Hubers bear paws are twice as large as those from the wholesale distributor. Photo: Nicole Philipp (Tamedia AG)

Here the Church still stands in the village, the Raiffeisenbank is right next door. And opposite, in the Rank: the bakery. Gommiswald, SG, a pretty village on the southern slope of the Rick pass of the Alps with a beautiful view on the lake of Zurich, the linth plain and the Glarus. Maybe some people find the way here, much more, however, because of the views of the famous bear paws.

in Gommiswald, not only in Coop but also at the Beck Huber. They are not so huge that you can in a single bite down loops. And therefore, one is forced abzubeissen of this magnificent pastries, and enjoy, best you close your eyes. You are nice and wet, care is taken in the bakery very carefully.

bear paws are in Switzerland, Yes, like, a tradition of baked goods, which has even made it to the ice Cream, the cookies are available all year. In the Romandie those from the Migros hot interestingly Coquillages – shells, in the case of Coop, it paws the translated bear – Pâtes d’ours. Similarly – with two major distributors – Italian Zampe d’orso.

The shape of a paw, or a shell, this is actually a matter of opinion, is the same everywhere, even in Germany, where they have a chocolate coating (the Nienburger Version) or with granulated sugar to be sprinkled. Back but after Gommiswald, where there are no bears, and certainly no shells, even if here is a fine frosting gives the paws a pearly shimmer.

At the Beck of Huber, we are landed, because we received several tips. Fredy Huber is happy to the extreme. He can bake according to the recipe of his father, who had in turn taken that of his father. Where he says not to bake, but “abflemmen”, which means that you may only stay briefly in the oven. The engine in salt, which came earlier in the dough, he makes the way, you would taste it. Especially if the bear paws are fresh. And fresh they are the best. The master Baker takes two with home and because his wife is Sweet don’t like that, you belong to him alone. In the range he has, among other things, because of the cocoa contained in it; something “Schoggiges” simply must have it in the Store. So the bears alternate paws with the chocolate-S, a kind of Meringue.

In the series, “old-fashioned” we bakeries, the endangered baked goods, produce, or historically well-versed in baking before. We welcome tips: nina.kobelt@tamedia.ch.

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