Since her debut as an actress, Carole Bouquet has turned the heads of many men, some of whom are very famous. From 1978, she had a romantic relationship with Jean-Pierre Rassam, a film producer. A romantic idyll that allowed the star to gain self-confidence. “I was convinced from the first second that he loved me for who I was, that he liked everything. As he was a man that I found prodigiously intelligent, it changed my life. didn’t heal right away, but being loved by him made me love myself a little bit, not a lot, but a little bit,” she told Psychologies magazine.

In an interview with Le Monde on September 4, 2022, the actress had once again mentioned her passion for Jean-Pierre Rassam. “Me, I was already melting in love for him”, she explained and added that she was “dazzled by the intelligence of this man, his humor”.

After this romantic relationship, in 1996 the French actress saw a hidden passion alongside a movie monster who was none other than Gérard Depardieu. “When he came to eat with us, I saw a friend. I had an immense tenderness for this friend and an infinite admiration for this actor, Gérard being for me someone of unequaled acting power. Then, one day, he lived alone, he had separated, he liked to come to my house to tell me stories… I was also alone, I had just turned 40… And I started to look at him differently. wonderful friend, I looked at him as a man”, she had told in the columns of Vanity Fair.

Despite breaking up in 2005, the two stars haven’t moved on. “Those I have loved with a deep love are still there. Should I erase ten years of my life because I am no longer with such and such a man? I have loved fascinating men, with curiosity and a extraordinary strength. I liked these excessive moments with them,” she said.

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Since 2014, the actress has found love in the arms of a certain, Philippe Sereys de Rothschild. In 2018, the star of La Mante confided in her new romance: ““I admire Philippe’s generosity, his kindness, his attitude with children, the knowledge he has and that I don’t ( …) What makes me happy today is that I get to build things with the man I love, with his family, and with mine.”

From 1978 to 1985, actress Carole Bouquet lived a romantic idyll with film producer Jean-Pierre Rassam. Unfortunately, the latter died in 1985 by swallowing drugs and sleeping pills.

“Neither suicide nor overdose as we said, we told a lot of false things. It was an accident, what happened. He did not spare himself, took Gardenal to protect himself from the damage of the heroin. But after years of excess, the body is claiming its debt”, she confided to our colleagues from Vanity Fair.

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In 1981, Carole Bouquet and Jean-Pierre Rassam became the happy parents of a boy named Dimitri. Unfortunately for the latter, he will not have the chance to know his father since the producer dies when he is only three years old. Six years later, the actress gave birth to a second child, Louis, with director and photographer Francis Giacobetti.

Today, Dimitri Rassam regularly makes the front page of the people press and for good reason, he married in June 2019 Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of Caroline of Monaco. Carole Bouquet’s son has a daughter Sasha, born from a previous relationship. In 2017, Charlotte Casiraghi gave birth to their first child named Balthazar.

On May 1, 2022, Carole Bouquet agreed to confide in the show Seven to eight, broadcast on TF1. Faced with the passage of time, the star gave her opinion on cosmetic surgery.

Faced with the question of Audrey Crespo-Mara: “You assume to be a grandmother, you accept the age that you have …”, the star then replied: “Ah but I have no choice And actress, getting older, it’s also not very easy to see yourself. I don’t really want to look at the face that I have, to tell the truth, in the picture today. Because I want to play the comedy well but as long as I do, I just don’t like to see the result,” she said. The host then asked her: “What is the best therapy against the passage of time? Not cosmetic surgery anyway…”, to which the star replied: “Cosmetic surgery… So yes. .. Cosmetic surgery… When I see someone where I don’t see that they have done something. The problem is that I always see and I notice it”.

In the process, the actress did not fail to tackle the international star Madonna. “I’m sorry, but I saw images and she has talent… Of Madonna… It freaks me out… It scares me… I think to myself but how does she look in the mirror in the morning and it’s not her, it’s someone else. But when you’re alone with your mirror”.