Spotify is Adele’s command. You can see why Spotify has removed its album auto-shuffle settings.

Admire the power of Adele

, the “Easy on Me”, singer, released her fourth studio album , , the highly anticipated “30,” . Now, fans can hear the entire track list. If they choose to listen to it via Spotify, they will likely hear it in the order that the artist intended.

The same applies to any album music that is downloaded using the app. The audio streaming giant has removed a polarizing feature that had all albums set up to shuffle-play automatically — at the request the extremely popular singer.

This was my only request in this ever-changing industry. Our track list is meticulously crafted and compiled to ensure that albums are not a failure of quality. The art we create tells a story, and should be heard as such. Thank you Spotify for listening

— Adele (@Adele November 21, 2021

“This was my only request in this ever-changing industry!” Adele stated in a tweet that she shared over the weekend. We don’t just create albums without putting so much thought and care into the track list. Our art tells stories and should be heard as they were intended. Spotify, thank you for listening.

To celebrate her success in negotiation, the 33-year old included a wineglass and a heart emoticon. Chances are, others will raise a glass to toast her success.

Music lovers can now listen to music whenever they want, allowing them to be more focused on specific songs than an entire album. Before this change, Spotify’s play button was also a shuffle button. This meant that listeners could choose to turn off the shuffle or not to hear the original order of the songs.

Adele is the answer.

Spotify’s Twitter account replied to the tweet by the hit-maker over the weekend with a simple statement: “Anything for You”

A Spotify representative, however, had more to say about the change in a statement to Variation.

The statement stated that “As Adele mentioned,” we were excited to announce that we have started rolling out a Premium feature to make ‘play” the default button for all albums. For those users who still wish to shuffle an entire album, they can visit the Now Playing View to select the “shuffle” toggle. We will continue to improve our products and features so that artists and fans have the best possible experience.

If any artists or fans want to see more changes quickly, they may reach out to Adele to have her speak to Spotify.