One of the family plan and all of the friends will be able to enjoy. Muziekstreamingdienst Spotify realizes that it’s a lot of money to lose in the practice, and will verify that the geabonneerden actually living with a partner. How’s that going to do, and it is not yet clear.

the Music you can free to listen, but then you get to the turn on a board of an ad is (for me). You can also choose to have $ 9.99 to pay for a Premium subscription. And to Music to keep it affordable for families, there is a Premium for a Family of 14.99 euros per month. Then, you can six members of a family, connecting on the one plan.

But that’s exactly what the streaming service is now clamped down to set. There are’n ‘ family plan, will have his address and have to give up. On this basis it will make Music and to perform inspections. How is that going to happen, it is far from clear. Will families living in student rooms students, for example, subscription to lose?