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After almost three weeks of releases and notes, answer, of a string of allegations and accusations, of 28 infected by coronavirus in Fuenlabrada, a controversial audio c apitán of Sports and press conferences that have become the end of the Second division League in a tangle permanent, gallegos and madrileños take place in Riazor (20.00, #Let) the match postponed from the 20th of July. A meeting of circumstances because the players coruñeses have been since then on vacation and the fuenlabreños confined in a hotel, but the grief is fundamental for the next week can start the playoff for promotion to the First division that will close athletically, although perhaps not by the court, one of the courses that are more complicated in the history of Spanish football.

Sporty , in principle, not play anything today at Riazor , which mathematically is dropped and only the bullet shipments to continue in professional football, but the Fuenlabrada yes you need at least a point to ensure their access to the playoff for promotion, although only theoretically. That classification would be at the expense of what happens after the resolution of the extraordinary procedure opened by the Competition Committee against the club that presides over Jonathan Praena . However, to win the game would allow the Dépor forward to the Numancia in the table and, in the case that you end up producing a decrease in administrative Fuenlabrada, you would have more options to occupy the plaza of madrid in the silver category. The National Police extremará the security measures in Riazor because the mourning has been declared high-risk.

Fernando Vazquez you can only have fifteen players on their first team and the technical deportivista insisted yesterday at a press conference on the “theory of the paripé” touted through a audio by Bergantiños and I ended up with the captain white declaring the last Wednesday in police station after a complaint from the Department of Integrity of the League . “It is not that we take the match as a paripé, is a paripé mounted by someone. We take it seriously because we know of the responsibility that we have, but it is a paripé, as told by my captain, who assembles the League,” reiterated the coach to the media, which became a publicly questioning “why the Fuenlabrada hid the positive until the last moment”.

Only ten of the first computer

After two weeks confined and barely train, the Fuenlabrada comes to a quote more in the box than the Sport because José Ramón Sandoval has available to ten players the first team, only one of them is defense.

The Sports-Fuenlabrada are especially outstanding in the Elche , the team that would dispute the playoff silos won’t score. “You are absolutely sure that the Sport, within their limitations, will try to win for the good and equality of the competition, we feel betrayed. It is our responsibility, once we were misled by the League, to maintain the honor of the competition,” said Fernando Vázquez. Elche or Fuenlabrada will face in a playoff of the playoff Zaragoza, whose workforce reported yesterday, through a statement read by his captain, to be “fed up”. “It is unbearable improvisation in which we live, the lack of organization and negligence of those who govern our football,” said Alberto Zapater, who supported the request of the aragonese club that I know of to end the League and that “it adopt some of the alternatives that have been proposed, such as to proceed to his rise to be the third-ranked. A request that was denied shortly after by the League.

Almeria , another team from the playoff , returned yesterday to the training sessions to be confirmed that the new test to which he submitted the Wednesday to your template after detecting a second positive from your staff had given a negative.

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