Christmas day we go to Church. The Rest of the year we watch sports. In The TV. On peculiar channels with strange names. Sky. DAZN. And if it comes to worst, look, we also ZDF. Then we see German ice hockey heroes, which the Mainzer transmitter Pepita-based hats, as all would be together on a birthday party for six-year-old. We have become accustomed to it. Children Birthday Television. We look at everything. This has become apparent in the course of the years.

In a state of emerging relevant practice that comes to us in the darkest time of the year sometimes, look we even Sport1, what the mood has not improved. We go sometimes on the football field and to watch our club, the da may be called: FC Bayern Munich, SV Darmstadt 98, SG Sonnenhof grossaspach, or whatever, no matter. We look at the most aggravating Kick, endure the consolation of the most boredom, digest the fattest Sausage, endure the most absurd video proof, in which only the lines are calibrated, nothing else.

a plea for the stadium experience

Why do so many people go to the stadium, is clear to everyone, the football games in front of the TV. People go to the stadium, because that is the only place where professional soccer can see, without a commentator talks, analyzed, explained, statistics say, a place where you can watch football without uniformed experts sitting on chairs and mumbling, analyze, explain, and statistics say. And without a Studio-referee talked to the king about the poor referee on the pitch, are analyzed and explained.

The stadium is the only place you before all of this bullshit for sure. A place of rest and relaxation, no matter how loud and hot it may go.