Sports boom is continuing, women and the Elderly to get in Switzerland to thepopulation has become sportier. A new representative study by the Federal office for sports shows.0 comment participants is to run popular: the Swiss women’s run in Bern, 2018. Keystone/Anthony Anex

In Switzerland, is operated more sports. Especially women and older people to move more, but also the Romandie and the Ticino have been catching up in recent years. Also, the group of those who never do any Sport, has become smaller, as a study shows.

the Swiss sports boom continued in the past six years. The a new, representative study by the Federal office for Sport (Fospo), in which more than 12’000 people have participated, and which was presented on Monday by Swiss Federal councillor and sports Minister Viola Amherd.

More than half of the resident population aged 15 years and counts thus to the very active people. Not only in sports, also in the movement behavior shows that the population has become even more active, with Around 80 percent of the adult resident population met the physical activity recommendations.

The growth of the sport activity is mainly due to women and people in the second half of life back. Women have caught up to men and are mostly over the age of 45. Age year of sports. A strong part of the senior sport has a total of: The proportion of very Active is in the 65-74-Year-olds is the same as in the 15 – to 24-Year-olds.

for the First time since the 1970s, the proportion of those went back, the do no Sport whatsoever, and significantly from 26 to 16 percent. In the previous three sports-Switzerland-studies (since 2000) designated a quarter of a than non-athletes. At the same time, the number of athletes has increased and athletes.

Hiking, Cycling and Swimming

is on top of the list of the most popular sports as in previous surveys, the so-called “Helvetic more fight” with the Lifetime sports, Hiking, Cycling, Swimming, skiing and Jogging. The Hiking has increased since the last study in the year 2014 once again distinctive, and belongs in both sexes and in all age groups one of the most popular sports.

increased their popularity as well significantly in the last six years, strength training, Yoga, and Dance. A social Trend is the increasing multiple sports activity follows, the Operate of several types of sports: Who plays sports, does this in an average of 4.5 types of sports.

another image shows the Baspo-study: In rural areas it is often a member of the Association than in urban regions, where it relies more on Fitnessabos. The number of regular guests in the fitness centers has increased in the studied period.

Roughly speaking, the survey shows, too: the more educated a Person is and the higher your income, the more likely they are sports. In the group of unemployed, the share of the non-sport driving is greatest.

International Champion

a total of Switzerland in an international comparison very sporty and belongs together with Finland, Sweden and Denmark to the most sporting countries. Based on those who drive at least once per week, Sport, Switzerland, with a share of 59 percent in the European top.

the Continental is considered a clear North-South as well as West – to-East gradient In the Mediterranean and Eastern European countries, the share of the Non-sport driving is greatest. The Same is true for foreigners in Switzerland: are you from Northern or Central Europe, driving them even a bit more Sport than the Swiss citizens; foreigners from southern Europe or non-Europeans, in turn, are sporty and are significantly less active.


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