The fear to miss something that already has a name. People who constantly juggle with all the options in life, call it FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out. Also this Problem will be a term: FOBO, Fear of Better Options – the afraid to make a decision and then determine that it would have been a better Alternative. This fear, in turn, that you missed a lot.

Both come from the pen of Patrick McGinnis, an American who has worked in the financial sector and with decision-making capacity. He had noted in his studies that he and his fellow students were constantly trying to optimize everything. Thus, they were prevented from making decisions. To have the choice of giving a supposedly freedom, but, as Sartre already knew, can be a curse.

In reality, we are condemned to freedom, and especially in our networked world, more and more options are made available. So it is constantly on the search: after the dream partner, the dream apartment, the dream job. : How to come to rest, if you are always on the look out for? Even if there is an algorithm that filters the results?