Steven Spielberg, a filmmaker interchangeable with big-screen enchantment, has put a new bargain with Netflix where his production company, Amblin Partners, will create several feature films each year for its streaming giant.

The partnership, one long courted by Ted Sarandos, Netflix main content creation, is a significant get for the firm which, amid increasing competition, brings possibly the most treasured film director more formally to the loading fold.

The arrangement announced Monday does not expressly incorporate any pictures to be led by Spielberg.

“In Amblin, storytelling will forever be in the middle of what we do, and also by the moment Ted and I started talking a partnership, it was fairly clear that we had an wonderful chance to inform new tales together and reach audiences in new ways,” Spielberg said in a statement. “This new route for our movies, along with the tales we continue to inform with our longtime family in Universal and our other partners, will soon be incredibly satisfying for me since we get to set out on it with Ted, and I personally can not wait to begin with him, Scott, along with the total Netflix team”

Amblin, that takes its title from a 1968 brief by Spielberg, has helped create a huge array of movies outside of these made my Spielberg, such as”1917″ and”Green Book.” Both companies have worked together on TV show along with the Aaron Sorkin film”The Annals of the Chicago 7,” a movie co-produced by Amblin which was marketed by Paramount Pictures into Netflix throughout the pandemic.

Spielberg has sometimes been viewed as contrary to a streaming potential for films.

However, Spielberg in 2019 contended against the anti-streaming belief associated with him. Reports around afterward circulated that Spielberg thought flowing discharges — that he contrasted to made-for-TV films — ought to vie for Emmys, not Oscars. “I am a firm believer that film theaters will need to be around indefinitely,” Spielberg said that season.

He explained large screen or small screen,”what actually matters to me is a fantastic story and everyone needs to have access to amazing stories.”