A Commission on behalf of the Federal Ministry of transport has created a catalogue of tangible interventions for the motorist, so that Germany reaches climate goals in the transport sector. As the Reuters news Agency and the magazine “Spiegel” reports, could be, therefore, the tax rates on petrol and Diesel oil increased significantly.

Reuters, according to the Diesel and gasoline taxes, therefore, from 2023 onwards, first to three cents and then once a year for a penny rise. The litres of fuel would, by 2030, 52 cents more expensive. The mirror that is to be brought to a “lower mileage” cars and a “shift to rail, Cycling and walking,” says the confidential paper of a 20-member working group of the “National platform for future mobility”.

In addition, the Motor to control focus solely on the CO2 emissions of Diesel-and gasoline – powered engines. In return, the tax privilege for Diesel. It is also proposed a quota for electrical cars and Plug-In Hybrids, from 25 percent in 2025 and by 50 percent in 2030. Purchase premiums are to be continued. In the case of the trucks, the toll is more oriented towards the CO2-emissions and clean Truck shall be adopted by three-quarters of the fee.

proposals not yet final

The purchase of cars with high consumption, a levy of several Hundred euros to be collected, with the Federal government, a subsidy for buyers of electric cars from 8000 euros could Finance. So the “demand should be increased, more efficient burners, and E-passenger Cars”.