as soon as it is in Germany’s inner cities are full of, are also the Cup back. They bear the Logos of Starbucks, McDonald’s or back to work, you sources, from garbage cans, or rolling in the snow rain climbing over the citizens.

Julia Löhr

business correspondent in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

although There are no statistics on how many Coffee-to-go-cups thrown away every day in Germany. But in Berlin alone, it should be, according to a survey by TNS Emnid about 460,000. The Federal Ministry for the environment estimates that the Germans use every year, nearly three billion disposable cups. The question is: for How long?

Tübingen dashes ahead

just before Christmas, the University town of Tübingen is forged ahead. The municipality wants to develop now a special tax. These are numbers of shops, cafes and food stalls offering food and drinks for immediate consumption in disposable packaging. In addition to the Coffee-to-go-cups, it is also necessary to pizza boxes, and pasta boxes, Asia-snacks.

“we make the production of waste more expensive, we eliminate financial Disincentives”, says Lord mayor Boris Palmer, the Green. Alone from 2016 to 2017, the cost for the waste disposal in the public space to be increased to 50,000 Euro.

Indeed, the Federal Ministry for the environment has doubts as to whether such a tax is constitutionally clean. Finally, a comparison had been cloned visible projects of the city of Kassel at the end of the nineties by the Federal constitutional court, because the waste law is a matter for the Federal government, according to the Ministry. However, such concerns can be elsewhere, not scare you.