The 27-year-old Gonzalo Caballero has been in poor health after a bullfight at Las Ventas bullring in the Spanish capital, Madrid. The hunted bull, he could, after all, in your power to take, and pierced his groin, and thighs. “He’s been shot and is in emergency surgery”, says the Spanish royal family know about it. Caballero is the partner of a niece of the king of Spain.

Photos: EPA, EFE,

The church was as an entertainment intended for the Spanish national day on 12 October, but it turned into a nightmare for a Caballero. His girlfriend, Victoria Federica (19), the niece of the king of Spain, Felipe VI looked up from the crowd, and saw that it was the end of the show went wrong.

Caballero had just got to the bull, pierced with the traditional knife, and when the animal’s back straight you could hardly move. The frightened animal was in a corner, passionate and fell off right away, and in its blind fury it. He raised his horn into the leg of the matador and tossed him into the air. He came back on the bull and got the horn in the groin, where the beast and the dijslagader with her. Both of the wounds were between 25 and 30 inches deep.

the Staff came up immediately to help, gone before and made it to the matador as quickly as possible to the square to get the bleeding to stop. They were operating on him in the medical room of the arena, and he was subsequently flown to the San Francisco de Asis Hospital in Madrid, spain.

According to the latest reports, he is seriously wounded and seriously sick.

Photos: EPA, EFE