Spanish intellectuals are added to the manifesto against the dictatorship of the single thought in the left


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Mario Vargas Llosa, Fernando Savater, Adela Cortina, Carmen Posadas, Sergi Pàmies, César Antonio Molina and Oscar Tusquets , among others, have adhered to the letter against the intolerance and censorship published in Harper’s magazine by Noam Chomsky, Salman Rushdie and Francis Fukuyama, among other promoters.

The signatories clarified that they add to “the movements that fight not only in the united States, but globally against ills of the society such as sexism, racism or the contempt of the immigrant,” but express also their “concern for the perverted use of fair causes to stigmatize people who are not sexist or xenophobic or, more in general, to introduce censorship, the cancellation and the rejection of free thought , independent, and foreign to a political correctness intransigent” .

Unfortunately, continues the document-English, in the past, we have witnessed the “emergence of some ideological currents, supposedly progressive, which is characterized by a a radical, , and that appeals to such causes in order to justify attitudes and behaviors that we consider unacceptable “.

they Regret that have occurred retaliation in the media against intellectuals and journalists who have criticized the “abuses opportunists #MeToo or antiesclavismo new age; retaliation that have been made also patent in our country by using “maneuvers discrete or noisy ostracism and oblivion against free thinkers portrayed unfairly sexist or racist and abused in the media, or lynched in the networks “.

Of all this they have the special responsibility , they accuse the Spanish intellectuals, “ business leaders, institutional representatives, publishers and editorial managers , afraid of the negative impact that they might have dissenting views with the approaches dominant in certain sectors”.

This attitude of the “new radicalism” implies, in its judgment, an attitude of “supremacismo moral” that they believe is contrary to the tenets of any ideology that claims “justice and progress”.

as saying the signatories of the manifesto Harper’s, “the overcoming of the bad ideas is achieved by open discussion, argument and persuasion, and not silenciándolas or repudiándolas”.

Between the Spanish signatories included other representatives of the culture as Milena Busquets, Ignacio Martinez de Pison, Nicole d Amonville, José Luis López Linares, Luis Alberto de Cuenca, José María Merino, María Zaragoza, Juan Soto Ivars, María Borrás, Félix Ovejero.

From the world of science, adhere to the rector of the Pompeu Fabra University, Jaume Casals, the psychiatrist Paul Malo , scholar José Manuel Blecua , the epidemiologist Eduardo Inglese, as well as other areas such as the entrepreneur Borja Sémper, the comedian Goyo Jiménez, or the political scientist Aurora Nacarino-Brabo.

In the letter, published in the journal, 150 intellectuals and artists, including Noam Chomsky, Gloria Steinem, Margaret Atwood, JK Rowling and Wynton Marsalis, expressed concern about the “growing intolerance for contrasting perspectives, the fashion of the public humiliation and ostracism,” that, in his judgment gains strength in the U.S. even the most progressive of the political spectrum.