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Spanish exports of goods fell 39.3% year-on-year in April, until the 15.042 million euros, while imports were reduced 37.2% to 16.561 million , by the impact of the coronavirus.Ssm is of the biggest declines since at least the last decade, and by sector, highlights the decline in exports of the automobile with a decrease of 84.2 per cent in April, according to data published on Thursday by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

Also fell sharply, exports of capital goods; 46% , the durable consumer goods, such as furniture, 52.8%; or the manufacturing of consumption, where it enters the textile, with a drop to 63.2%, by lower sales of confection.

By contrast, rose 5.5%, exports of food, beverages and tobacco with increased sales of the sub-sectors of fruit, vegetables and legumes, and meat products.

With these figures, the trade deficit of Spain was formed in April in 1.518 million, 5.4% less than in the same month last year , and the coverage rate (percentage of imports that can be paid for with exports) in 90.8%, i.e. by 3.1 percentage points less.

a Larger decline than in the euro zone

The decline in exports of Spain in April is higher than in other countries such as Germany (to 31.1 %), the euro area (30.6 per cent), the European Union (30.5 per cent) or the Uk (18.6 per cent), but lower than in France (43.1 per cent). Industry points out that the data of Italy, another of the countries most affected by the pandemic, are not available.

Outside of Europe, exports dropped in the united States (29%) and Japan (to 21.9%) while it increased in China by 3.5%.

The impact of the pandemic Covid-19 also note in the aggregate numbers, as well between January and April exports fell by 12.4% with 83.946 billion while imports decreased by 12.8% up to the 93.126.

The trade deficit stood until April 9.179,4 million euros, a 17.1% lower than that registered in the same period of 2019.