the Attorney general Anna-Maja Henriksson (rkp.) tell you about tonight’s A-studio, that the board of directors to figure out, should Spain return for the finns to arrange separately to the quarantine hotel.

– I think it is an issue that need to figure out as quickly as possible, Henriksson said.

Henriksson said he heard only moments before their arrival as a guest in the broadcast, and he doesn’t know all the details.

Earlier in the same broadcast hus, ceo of Juha Import says she likes as a major risk for Spain flights returning.

we are going to have thousands and thousands of people from Spain, the tourists and stay longer in Spain to live in. Spain is riskimaa, there is a lot of infestation. I don’t like at all impossible, that in every plane would become infected.

– If there will be a lot of people, they came to spread the disease, Bringing the sum of to.

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