Souped-up car – police goes against the “car poser” vorIn the cantons of St. Gallen, Aargau and Graubünden, the police have prosecuted several drivers and their cars confiscated. They had changed their vehicles technically.0 KommentareDie the Canton police of Aargau put five vehicles at a standstill.Photo: cantonal police of Aargau

By they turned up their powerful cars and the sport exhaust were systems aware of pop, and fell the majority of young men in inner cities, and villages to be negative. The Canton police St. Gallen-controlled car to several places “car poser” and not proper. 18 men were displayed in the office of the public Prosecutor of the Canton of St. Gallen.

Five of the cars were shut down because their facilities complied with the road traffic act, such as the St. Gallen cantonal police announced on Monday. The control signs, and vehicle cards had to be handed in by the owners.

On Sunday, the specialists of the cantonal police of St. Gallen, Gossau, Wil, Heerbrugg and Rorschach were also supported by a vehicle, experts at the road traffic office.

Aggressive driving

The main focus was on cars, which have been technically modified. The driver put the tricked-out cars, and their cars were by the noise acoustically, such as the police writes. Variously, it was found that catalysts and silencer were missing. It is all the exhaust were separated tubes. The silencer has not been tampered with, which led to greater noise of the cars, some flights run sets (Spoiler) were in accordance with the regulations.

In the case of a motorcycle a types alien exhaust system, and an external air filter was found, which led to an increase in performance. Two motorists struck by your aggressive driving in Wil. Also in Heerbrugg, a car could be observed, in which the wheels during Start-up by turning and then the rear broke out.

Three cars in Aarau silent

the police Department of the Canton of Aargau is since this year strengthened against “car poser”. In Aarau, three cars of young men have been put to a standstill. Experts at the road traffic office will pull the three cars next week, an in-depth technical examination.

in Addition to were speed lines controls known to the relevant Speeders. The police verzeigte about a dozen offending Arm.

In Chur GR were brought 22 drivers to display. 19 Arm caused avoidable noise, especially in the night hours and in residential areas, due to high turning of the engine and Speed up, as the Canton police announced Chur. Two motorists were taken because of Non-control of the vehicle for display.

(SDA /aru)

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