On the occasion of the release of the film I Love America, in 2022, the actress Sophie Marceau had agreed to confide in the columns of the JSL. Contrary to her character, the star never talks openly about her intimate life with those close to her. “I’m a very modest person and I use harsh words. I like to talk freely about sex and laugh about it in general, but talking about my own sexuality with others? No way! It’s too intimate “, she had declared and to add: “Talking about sexuality, studying on the subject, it is interesting, and I have read a lot of things on it, from there to reporting on it, no !”.

As for whether she would agree to register on a dating site, Sophie Marceau does not go through four paths. “I’m not going to tell you my dating stories. And you see me on a dating site, frankly? If I hadn’t been Sophie Marceau, would I have gone to a dating site? I don’t I don’t know, I can’t answer. A priori, it’s not the thing that excites me!

The star has never needed to meet her partners on the internet. Sophie Marceau was in a relationship for 17 years with the director Andrzej Żuławski with whom she had a son named Vincent. After their separation in 2001, she fell under the spell of producer Jim Lemley. They became parents to a daughter in 2002. After their breakup in 2007, the star of La Boum had a romantic relationship with her film partner Christophe Lambert, whom he met in La Disparue de Deauville. The lovers end their relationship in 2014.